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"Follow the Light"

"Follow the Light"


This beautiful and original artwork is printed on high-quality glossy paper. It is resistant to fingerprint marks, so you can frame it without worrying about smudging it in the process. The paper's sheen brings out the vibrant colors of the original canvas.


This artwork is a collectible. Only 100 copies will be sold. You have the opportunity to take home a spectacular work of art, which will highlight any wall where you decide to place it. This beautiful and tropical forest represents resilience, hope, and calm in the midst of darkness. The light that radiates from the lantern is the symbol of hope, which always accompanies us from within. Every time you look at this work, think that even in the darkest days, you have survived and will continue to survive. Every storm is temporary. Follow your inner light.


This poster will be made for you when you order it. It takes approximately 5 to 7 business days to create the poster and then it will be shipped to your address as soon as possible. The company creates customized products, to avoid overproduction of merchandise, and also it is a conscious way to protect the environment.


Thank you for trusting us!



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