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The Artist

A new beginning



Pedazos de Miel en Jaula is an exclusive brand which represents original art work  that is also printed in merchandise for daily use. 

The art is inspired in nature, wilderness and the mystical experience of being alive. The art itself expresses the journey of seeking a balance between our darkest and brighter versions. 


The paintings are a message for you to take anywhere you go or to add it to your wall so that it reminds you that There is always light in the darkness.


From a very young age I've always felt guided by a genuine curiosity towards nature, and the unknown. Painting has always been one of the great pillars of my life. My family noticed my love for it when I was 10 years old and they found me an art teacher, who offered me classes on Saturdays in the marquee of her house. I felt in heaven. After 3 years I stopped taking art classes but I never stopped painting. 

 I practiced for hours, trying to find my identity as and artist and finally I found a drive to mystical realism art. 

As time went by, my responsibilities increased and I painted less and less. Long months passed without touching a brush.  I got lost in my own darkness, but my biggest surprise was that in it I found much more than what I had lost. 


Magic Realism

Magical Realism is a movement that emerged in the 20th century and it's about transforming something unreal and magical into something we see everyday. 

This art style resonates more with my soul than any other art style or movement. My paintings highlight the magical in the real. It is my way of working my internal and external experiences as a human being, in a life full of light and darkness. 

My Legacy

I share with you my struggles, failures and victories. 

I share with you my inspiration, my values and my goals, with the intention of awakening or feeding the fire that lives within you. I want to be one of those voices that tells you, "go fight for your dreams" 

I am fulfilling one of my dreams. I am leaving a palpable and colorful footprint to remind you that hard days are temporary and that life is better when you allow yourself to be your most authentic version. 

My legacy is for you.



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